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Village Board

While the powers of cities and villages are similar, the main difference is in the way they are organized. In a typical city government, the mayor acts as the executive officer alongside a supporting common council. This council acts as a legislative body and members are elected from from defined districts, while the mayor is elected at large. A village board, in contrast, consists of a chairperson and a group of trustees. Together this board serves as both the executive officer and legislative body, with the president and trustees being elected at large.

Next Board Meeting: August 7, 2023

Meeting Agenda

On the 1st MONDAY (starting January 9, 2023) of every month, the village board meets at City Hall to take formal action (vote) on items presented for their review. Click below to see a copy of the most recent meeting agenda.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are notes that highlight the key issues that are discussed, motions proposed or voted on, and activities to be undertaken. Click below to see a copy of the most recent meeting minutes.

To not fill up our site, I will post the most current. Any month and year are available upon request at the village office.

Gary Vocasek
2018 – 2025
Brad Niemeyer

2016 – 2024
Jason Burianek

2026 – 2025
Sheila Taylor

2016 – 2024
Bob Wink

2018 – 2024
Robin Likens
Village Clerk/Treasurer
Vicky Polak
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer
If you are interested in becoming a board member, please click here >>